Yvonne Earl Psychological Therapist
Psychological Therapist for children and adolescents based in Edinburgh and East Lothian.


Testimonials from parents and teenagers who attended sessions with Yvonne about anxiety and depression in North Berwick and Edinburgh.

Before coming to Yvonne I really didn’t know how to control my anxiety, so much so that it got very intense and I didn’t feel myself anymore.
Through sessions with Yvonne, I learnt the crucial techniques to be able to change my mindset and feel well again. I couldn’t be more grateful for Yvonne’s help and support, I am truly a different person now.
— Teenager, aged 15 years

The sessions helped me by creating my own specific and effective techniques, ways in which I could calm down in the moment and also dissipate my worries long-term. I began to understand myself more. Yvonne has helped me greatly and I couldn’t thank her enough – not only can I now cope with room to breathe but I feel like I finally have the space in my mind to be a thriving person.
— Teenager, aged 18 years

I took my daughter to see Yvonne as she was struggling with extreme anxiety which was starting to make her physically ill as well as impacting on her daily life. Both my daughter and I immediately felt comfortable with Yvonne and her approach.
Over a few sessions she helped my daughter understand better what was happening to her and helped her to develop coping techniques to deal with her anxiety.
The change in my daughter since and her increased confidence has been incredible.
We’re both extremely grateful for the help we received from Yvonne.
— Parent